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This is the start of my home page. It will probably always be under construction Mel so you can expect more later. My PERSONAL interests should be apparent from the links below....
Latest update: 10-19-2017

Forest picture
From our front window

Mel at Prov
While I was working at Providence Hospital
First ggrand
Mel & Mary
My Clan
My Kids December 2014



New Church web page

melham web page

Computer country home

YouTube Church things

Bible Gateway.

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Islam expert

Church Doctrines explained with scriptures

Travel slide show

A worthy cause

Israel101.pdf (41 pages); You will need Adobe Reader.

Sermons in Acrobat(pdf) format

Audio Sermons

Bible Questions answered

Mel's Songs

Are you ready for heaven?

Captivity study

More of my interests, opinions, and topically-selected scriptures can be found on a second page.


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