Some Questions about Prayer Answered.


1. To whom

(To God the Father in Jesus’ name.)

2. For Whom

(Political leaders, Each other, Preachers, Your children, All the saints)

3. For What

(God's will, Success - Even in battle, Missionary journey, Wisdom - including decisions like choosing Apostles, Healing)

4. How often

(Daily, Without ceasing)

5. Where

(Closet, In fish belly, Place of worship assembly - temple)

6. How



With fasting/sacrifices

Silent/out loud

7. Types/kinds of prayers

(THANKS, Intercessory, Quick, Formal, Private/Public)

8. Expectations

(Better than parents could provide, Not necessarily what asked for,

THE Ultimate request answered if in FAITH -->salvation)

9. Does God hear/listen and to whom?

10. Content/format Models/examples

11. What God thinks of people who make it a habit (Jesus and Daniel were much beloved)

Some of the scriptures: